About Us

Kiyoshi Japanese Language Institute is a Japanese Language school. It is aimed towards providing quality education to everyone who aspires to learn Japanese.

Learning Japanese language has once again become relevant and our leading Japanese language training institute is a pioneer in providing the training and required proficiency that will enable the students to crack JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).

The training is provided by highly experienced instructors who have helped many pass the proficiency test with flying colors. Apart from the highly qualified instructors and trainers, the atmosphere that the students find here is congenial for mastering Japanese and courses.

You start with the basics and we will guide to the advance level of the language and you will learn even the most complex concepts in the easiest manner. The best part of the course is that along with the language training, students are also given insight on the mannerism, culture, business etiquettes and corporate manners observed in Japan.

The curriculum comprises of study material centered towards passing JLPT and boost conversation skill. It rather believes in providing support and motivation to students who have the will and what is required to study Japanese as a language and its various other aspects. It helps students realize their dreams.

Some Compelling reasons to Join Our Institute

  • Study at owns pace.
  • Worksheet is given after each chapter so that student can understand each concept deeply.
  • Back ups are given those who missed their lectures.
  • Audio are given to practice at home as well as.

Our training focuses on all aspects of language training, including vocabulary building (MOJI GOI), reading, listening, grammar and speaking. The vocabulary is explained by various example sentences and all the possible usage of the word. With vocabulary, gradual training of reading, listening and grammar is also imparted. CD’s are also provided to the students so that they can practice at home.

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